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Helen Lambert
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I'm Helen Lambert, a fine and decorative artist, illustrator and designer. I started painting and drawing when I was old enough to pick up a paintbrush, and haven't stopped since. I took a brief hiatus from my art to read Classics to BA and MPhil level at Cambridge University, but I eventually recovered and spent four years living in North London and working as a freelance artist and designer. These days I live above a real ale pub in Rye, East Sussex, where I act as artist-in-residence and marketing co-ordinator. I'm also the designer and front-end developer for web development partnership Shiny Ideas.

Paint has always been my medium of choice. I work primarily in oils on canvas, and have a deep love for the richness and flexibility of the medium. I have developed a style which could be called 'magic-realist', incorporating classical painting techniques - such as monochromatic underpainting, and the authentic depiction of light and shadow - with layered imagery and symbolic elements to create a mythological or dreamlike effect. I focus on themes of nature and supernature, the magic that is tangible in the world all around us, the relationships between humans and the divine, and between humans and humans. I enjoy figurative work more than any other, particularly portraiture.

I also work as a decorative artist for festivals and clubs, and enjoy facepainting, body-art and tattoo design.

My skills include illustration, web/graphic design, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Suite, Quark and Indesign. I always enjoy experimenting in new media and working with other people. I have experience working in oil paint and pastel, charcoal, graphite, ink, acrylic and watercolour, glass and ceramic paint, egg tempera, collage, screen and lino printing, willow weaving, three-dimensional sculpture and installation, clay, plaster of paris, textiles and wood.