I accept commissions for a range of bespoke artworks, specialising in portraiture, religious icons and illustration.



Fire and FlightI have nearly ten years' experience painting portraits on a professional basis. I approach each new project in a holistic way, aiming not only to create a representation of the client's appearance, but also to construct a visual narrative laden with emotional cues. I am capable of creating a painting to precise specifications, for example in a particular artistic style. For clients who do not have a precise visualisation of what they want, I am expert at constructing imagery which resonates with their personal history, and which often illuminates and expands upon their existing ideas.

I am happy working from life, photographs, or a combination of the two. After an initial discussion with the client, I will compose a written description of my response to their ideas. Once this has been agreed upon, I will create a detailed composition study (usually in pencil or digital media), which will be amended through negotiation with the client until they are happy with it. The client is involved in the creative process at all stages, and I send work in progress images to ensure that they are satisfied with the piece as it develops.

Fees will be negotiated with each client on an individual basis. I require an initial deposit of 50%, with the balance paid on completion. Once completed the image of the artwork as well as the original becomes the intellectual property of the client, and I release commercial rights to the image (e.g. for print runs). I am happy to consider abstract or thematic portraiture, artwork in the style of an artist of your choice. I am particularly interested in portraits that explore an aspect of the client's sexuality or spirituality, and portraits of multiple subjects which explore the relationship between them.



ThothReligious themes permeate my art, and I am passionate about creating religious imagery that is rich with meaning. I have studied theology to post-graduate level, and am particularly familiar with Christianity and ancient and modern paganism. I am happy to create pieces inspired by the tradition of Orthodox and Byzantine Christian iconography. My area of expertise is the imagery of alternative religion and neo-paganism. I aim to create intelligent and sensitive representations of deities, mythical narratives, and spiritual experiences.

In traditional Christian iconography, the gold field of the frame operates symbolically as a window opening onto the divine: the figures and scenes portrayed within the frame do not therefore inhabit normal two-dimensional space but exist in heaven, the frame providing a gateway through which they can be glimpsed.

Pagan iconography works slightly differently. The statue or image of a pagan deity on an altar or shrine is not only a visual representation of the deity, but a magically-charged object through which the divine is made manifest in the physical world. A pagan icon or painting is therefore not a portal through which the divine can be viewed at a distance, but as a physical invocation of the god or goddess, making them literally present in the room.

I am familiar with many aspects of European paganism and have spent years researching ancient myth, magic and religion. I am also a practising druid, and am happy to aid in the composition and performance of a dedication ritual for your icon if that would be appropriate. If you would like to commission a unique religious artwork, altarpiece, icon, meditative or magical focus I would be delighted to discuss it with you on an open-minded and individual level.


YearningI am available for a broad variety of other decorative commissions. Examples might include nudes, abstracts, illustrations of poems or pieces of music, book covers or short story illustrations, character design or portraiture (e.g. for roleplaying characters) and original tattoos. I am also available for graphic and web design.

Jazz LadyI am happy to take commissions "in the style of" a particular artist; please feel free to ask if you have any stylistic preferences or would like a piece of art to "reference" an artist or movement. I am also willing to produce original replicas of modern or historical artworks on request; not quite the same as owning the real thing, but vastly superior to a print. A framed, identical replica oil on canvas of someone's favourite painting makes a lovely and unusual gift.



"Helen took the time to understand the significance of the commission for me and connected into the source of what I couldn't express in words and put it up on my wall as art. She has a spiritual maturity far above her chronological age and was a joy to model for and work with." - Fire and Flight

"I commissioned a painting of my parents' kittens from Helen as a Christmas gift the year before last. The painting really captures the personalities of the two cats and my parents loved it." - Kittens

"My mum loved her painting! She said you could feel the music if you stared at it, which is pretty much the best response I could've hoped for. Thanks again!" - Jazz Lady